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How to Prevent Water from “Dampening” Your Holiday Spirits

How to Prevent Water from “Dampening” Your Holiday Spirits

Happy Holidays, Chicago!

ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services wants to ensure that your holiday stays safe and merry.

That said, given our 10-day weather forecast, we may be in for some showers and water. To make it the most wonderful time of the year, be sure to follow some of our favorite holiday water damage Chicago tips:


Night or day, if the temperature gets below freezing, be sure to leave your faucets dripping to prevent your pipes from freezing or bursting. Also, be sure to check your pipes, walls and ceiling for cracks before the weather gets any worse.


During winter, it’s important for your attic to be insulated from the rest of your house. This is because if there is a large difference in temperature between outside and your attic, this causes any possible ice buildup on your roof to melt and leak into your home (it’s a fairly common problem in the Midwest – they’re called ice dams).


Be sure there are screens on your gutters and monitor them for any leakages during the winter to prevent water damage Chicago..


Have someone make sure your home stays relatively warm if you go on vacation, as leaving faucets, gutters and attics unattended could cause severe water damage to your property. Even though you may follow these tips and keep your home in tip-top shape during winter, we understand that water damage emergencies may happen – this is why we’re open 24/7 for all of your disaster restoration needs during severe winter weather.

At ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services, our mission is to keep every property in Chicago safe and disaster-free during the holiday season.



Photo by Mike Warot

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