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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

commercial fire damage restoration services chicago ServiceMaster Restore® Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

We have more than 50 years of experience, leadership and expertise in helping businesses get back on their feet–fast. In fact, we command the largest large-loss response mitigation and reconstruction capabilities in North America.

When a fire strikes your home or business, the damage doesn’t stop when the flames go out. The fire triggers chemical reactions in many materials used in construction, flooring, and furniture, and the damage will only worsen with time.Hotel in Chicago with need for commercial fire damage restoration services

Why ServiceMaster Disaster Clean-Up Services?

Since the experts at ServiceMaster understand the effects of the various chemical interactions and how to counteract them to restore your facility and contents when the damage caught quickly.

And with over 20 years of experience in thousands of downtown Chicago properties, ServiceMaster Disaster Clean-Up Services has the expertise to provide a top quality commercial fire damage restoration services following fire or smoke damage. If the fire was extinguished using water, additional water damage often occurs.

As experts in commercial fire damage restoration, ServiceMaster Disaster Clean-Up Services can handle it all.

Our team of commercial fire damage restoration experts treats the entire affected area, restoring the space from floor to ceiling. Therefore, we wipe down all surfaces, including walls; clean and polish fixtures, even those made of delicate materials such as marble or copper; eliminate odors; and pack out and restore the contents of your commercial property.

We use the latest equipment and techniques in our five step process:

  1. Emergency pre-cleaning
  2. Content cleaning
  3. Content pack-out
  4. Wall and ceiling cleaning
  5. Deodorization

We are trained professionals who will get your business back to normal quickly and efficiently. As a leader in commercial fire damage restoration in Chicago for more than 20 years, we’ve perfected the process for quickly identifying damage, determining the restoration services needed, and minimizing trouble and inconvenience on your end.